I have thought about this a lot. Should we not just eat plants? There are certainly some strong arguments for that and my diet is mainly plant based.

  • It is generally healthier than a meat-heavy diet.
  • It is tasty (if you make an effort learning to cook properly)
  • The CO2-emissions are lower as you eat further down the food chain.
  • It is cheaper (if you skip quaccamole and such). When everything come around you cannot neglect that what is energy efficient will also be cheap and CO2-friendly.

Why eat crickets then?

  • Crickets have a nutty taste that is hard to mimic with plants.
  • Crickets are packed with complete protein.
  • The nutritional value/volume is impossible, yes I do believe so, to mimic with a plant.
  • A resilient food system is a diverse. It contains plants, animals, insects, algae, lab made stuff and more. It can thrive through seasons, climates and political eras. Insects is another source, another source means, generally, a more resilient food system.
  • Crickets adds nutritional value that is a hassle to obtain through plants.
  • Crickets can feed on fed that are currently not being utilised and therefore actually not burden the environment further.

All in all I firmly believe that by adding a sustainable and healthy food source we make this planet a better place. Please argue me! Send a DM on Instagram and challenge my believes.