Why eat:em crickets??

Crickets? I mean come on, isin’t that super yucky?

eat:em logotyp
eat:em logotyp

Macro, Micro & Sustainabillty

Crickets are not only one of the most sustainable sources of protein on the planet, they are exactly what our bodies need.

  • More iron than in spinach
  • More calcium than in milk
  • All essential amino acids
  • Perfect ratio of omega 3 & 6
  • High in vitamin B12 and other essential vitamins and minerals


Environmental Benefits

  • Very low carbon footprints
  • Crickets use 13 x less land
  • Cricket manure is a super fertalizer for plants & crops 
  • This creates sustainable food loops
  • 1 lb of crickets need 1 gallon of water


Crickets love compact living

Crickets need very little space to live and grow. Crickets eat the vegetables that we dismiss. They can easily be a sustainable part of existing agriculture, using new resources and very little land

Say fresh and free from crap

A lot of the food we eat is produced with the help of insect pesticides. Our cricket can’t eat food sprayed with pesticides, that would kill them. That means our crickets are cleaner than most vegetables on the market today.

So what does a cricket eat? They love veggies & ecologic food waste. That’s soo fresh!

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