Fröknäcke 100gr

Näringsinnehåll per 100gr
Energi 476 kcal Fett 35 gr          varav mättat 4,7gr Kolhydrater 18gr          varav sockerarter 0,8gr Fibrer 7,2gr Protein 22g Järn 5,5mg Zink 2,2mg Magnesium 174mg Kalcium 84mg Vitamin b12 2,5mg 
Vatten, DINKELSIKT, solrosfrön, mjöl gjort på HUSYRSOR (ACHETA DOMESTICA (13%), linfrö, pumpakärnor, SESAMFRÖ, rapsolja, flingsalt, salt, rosmarin.  

1 Pack | 79 SEK

18 Pack | 999 SEK 

Clean food only

Humans eat a lot of food that has been sprayed with chemicals in order to protect it from insects. We can’t and we won’t give crickets food that have been sprayed with these chemicals because it would be the end of them. But what does a cricket eat? Non-sprayed sallad, a weird looking carrot and other organic greens. So fresh!

Many crickets – Little land

Cricket farms need very little land. Crickets eat vegetables that humans dismiss. They can easily be a sustainable part of existing agriculture, using new resources and very little land.

Minerals and Vitamins to make you strong

Animation with minerals and vitamins
Cricket flour is rich in iron, zink, vitamin b12, magnesium and calcium. These are essential minerals and vitamins that you need to stay healthy and build muscles. Cricket flour contains TWICE the amount of iron compared to spinach. You better eatem.

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