Thats right, WE ARE BACK. What do I mean back? Where we ever lost? This winter I was about to close down the shop, end the race, pack up and leave it be. I was worn out, tired, low in energy and not motivated. I summarized the first 24 months running eatem.

First of all, I started out doing eatem full time without pay. I had to side husstle to make a living. It worked out for about 6 months. Then I ran in to an opportunity in another start up that meant commitment of 40 hours a week. I did about 20 hours a week of eatem from then on. Isak did his part in stockholm while working at a big firm as his main focus. Some periods where manic, we worked fast a got a lot done. Some periods where though, especially sales. Sales is rough and support from other human beings is a good way to cope with that. I believe that was a big misstake. We should have been a bigger team.

We did try a lot of stuff, different products, different marketing techniques, different sales channels and prospects. Some thing sort of worked but none was good enough. We always tried to make eatem look big, polished and professional. At the same time we have always been small, sketchy and personal. I think this was a misstake, we should have just told the truth about our dreams, struggles and shortcomings.

We focused a lot on getting bigger, more followers, more sales, more mentions etc. We made okay products but eventually looked like any other bar brand. This was a misstake. I believe we should have focused on getting better in order to become bigger.

I kind of felt some of these things along the way but neglected it as “irrational feelings”. As if there is a perfect science for this. I believe this was a misstake. I should have followed my heart.

Some key takeaways for me:

  • Tell the truth.
  • Be personal.
  • Focus on getting better, then you’ll become bigger.
  • Gather a team.
  • Let intuition be a part of your guidance.

This time around things will be different. eatem Take Two is ON!

Stay tuned.


Martin – CEO eatem

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