The most common reaction to eat:em (eating bugs) is “yuck”. This reaction naturally sparks an interest with us. How do we overcome this reaction? Which products are the best to start out with? In which form will insects hit the larger crowd? While discussing this with each other we often use what we call the “yuck-o-meter”. Basically a bar diagram, where we plot different products, ranging from the yummiest to the yuck-iest.

Just like the architects behind the “BuzzBuilding“, we believe that the production and origin of the protein shouldn’t be hidden (like meat production). For insects to be accepted in everyday life by the masses, we believe that we have to be aware and ok with the origin of the protein.

Following this logic we are starting to be equally interested in offering a gateway-bug (eg energy bar with cricket powder) as well as whole roasted insects. Bringer a broader spectrum of the yuck-o-meter to the market.

What kind of product or application would you love to see? Drop any ideas to us through the channel of your choice!