Born in the 1990s I have been constantly reminded that “we” are the generation to save this planet. I agree In a way, “we” are. BUT I do not see it as a ”save”. I look at it as in every move we make our world is made. My gut and heart tells what the right thing is to do, if I only listen to myself I will act in a way that I do not have to hide.

A lot of people like to point at groups e.g. “they have to save it” or “if everyone just did that” or “I dont matter because they do not do their part..”  I believe that I am to make this planet, as an individual. It is not my business to control others, I am solely responsible for all my actions and that is where I am to focus. This is also where I find my happiness.

I eatem to get faster without fucking up the planet. This is my way to make a difference. I will continue no matter what because it makes me feel good.

Do you agree? Do you not agree? I urge you to contact me personally and make your point in this matter. Hit me up on instagram on the button below.