Introducing the yuck-o-meter

The most common reaction to eat:em (eating bugs) is "yuck". This reaction naturally sparks an interest with us. How do we overcome this reaction? Which products are the best to start out with? In which form will insects hit the larger crowd? While discussing this with...

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Why not just eat plants? 🌱 Vs. 🦗

I have thought about this a lot. Should we not just eat plants? There are certainly some strong arguments for that and my diet is mainly plant based. It is generally healthier than a meat-heavy diet. It is tasty (if you make an effort learning to cook properly) The...

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How would I like to eatem?🦗😋

My three years of cricket consumption has been mostly as in-between meals. I have had about a bar every other day in on-the-go-situations or mixed in a breakfast bowl. I do breakfasts with cricket hard bread and my late night eggs are often based on a cricket hard...

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I am to make this planet🌏🏗

Born in the 1990s I have been constantly reminded that "we" are the generation to save this planet. I agree In a way, "we" are. BUT I do not see it as a ''save''. I look at it as in every move we make our world is made. My gut and heart tells what the right thing is...

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Why I eatem❤️ (Pt. 2 – Martin)

I am all about living a hassle free life. Weekdays, workdays, the grind - for me it is all about an ever improved routine. I try to eat better and work smarter. I try to carry less and spend my time on complex rather than repetitetive tasks. I found cricket protein to...

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Why I eatem❤️ (Pt. 1 – Martin)

I eatem because it is the healthiest protein I know. I grew up in the Swedish forests and was raised doing outdoor sports. My father always told me to eat less meat to reduce cancer risks, but enough protein to grow strong. As a doctor his words have always been...

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Why I eat:em ❤️ (Staffan)

My first bug was in the form of a cricket-cracker called "Crics Pressin' Chocolate" from eat:em. I met the founding father of eat:em, Martin, at a co-working space back in 2017. He asked me if I've ever tried insects. After that I was hooked... I was intrigued by the...

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We are BACK!

WE ARE BACK🔥 Thats right, WE ARE BACK. What do I mean back? Where we ever lost? This winter I was about to close down the shop, end the race, pack up and leave it be. I was worn out, tired, low in energy and not motivated. I summarized the first 24 months running...

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The first three years of eatem📜

We started from the university, now we are here. It was february 2015 when I read about crickets for the first time. I was doing my masters at Linköping University, we considered sustainability in almost every course. Crickets got me curious on day and I ordered some...

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