My first bug was in the form of a cricket-cracker called “Crics Pressin’ Chocolate” from eat:em. I met the founding father of eat:em, Martin, at a co-working space back in 2017. He asked me if I’ve ever tried insects. After that I was hooked…
I was intrigued by the benefits, the novelty and by Martins sheer drive and motivation. He was out on a mission to challenge our western way of looking at food and protein. My interest was probably fueled by my background. I used to work for a larger confectionary company earlier in my career. We made some awesome bars and snacks. And it was amazing to have access to a full production facility, PD-team and everything else. I felt like Willy Wonka. With increased focus on sugar, palm oil, certifications and nutrition many confectionary companies were struggeling with their products. Small changes were made to products, trying to make em less bad for you. It felt forced. If I crave candy I want proper, sweet and tasty candy. Not some kind of half nutricious half yummy snack. And if I want something that’s good for me, well I won’t buy a Kit Kat with wholegrain wafers…
Martin and I continued to keep contact and discussed insects and the protein shift on and off. In 2019 Martin approached me and asked me if I was interested in joining forces on eat:em. To be frank, I didn’t really think it through, it was a quick and easy yes. The rest was formalities. In joint forces we’re now trying to figure out how to get people to eat:em. It’s a fantastic feeling building something from scratch with the right intention.
Eating insects was and is new for me. I’m a beginner/newbie, trying to bring insects into my daily diet (👈 mealworm taco). It’s a process and requires a behavioral change. I truly believe that we don’t sit on all the answers to how to do this. I believe that your feedback, ideas and questions will be what forces us to do better and smarter choices. As long as we stay true to our mission and transparently share how we think and act – I hope on your support by eating our products and sharing your ideas with us 👊

Lets’s make everyone eat:em! Contact me on LinkedIn or on Messenger.


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